The basic ingredient of the CéDé egg food consists of chicken’s eggs.  All the building blocks of protein – the “amino acids” -- are present in optimal proportions in a chicken’s egg.  The young birds in the nest/coop need this animal protein to grow smoothly.

CéDé stands out by processing “chicken’s eggs” into nutritious “egg grain.”  The entire preparation process from a light batter, to the baking, drying and crumbling into a unique “egg grain” is carried out at CéDé.  The company has an automated baking process for this purpose that guarantees a constant quality for the nutritious “egg grain.”

This “egg grain” is the basic ingredient of all CéDé egg food.  This makes the CéDé egg food a unique product among bird lovers.

Steps in the process:


Once the chicken’s eggs have been shelled and mixed into a homogenous product, the latter is stored in refrigeration tanks for further processing.  The liquid egg is dosed from the refrigeration tank into the mixing barrel.



Computer-operated mixers then mix the eggs with other natural ingredients into a light batter following an established process.


Roll out

The light batter is dosed evenly on the oven band.



The batter is heated in the oven at a temperature of 210°C and then baked off at 180°C.  The temperature is adjusted continuously by the computer so that the micro-biological quality of the egg cake can meet the highest requirements.



The egg cake is then dried to retain the quality.



Finally, the egg cake is crumbled into peckable egg grains for the birds.  The most important basic ingredient is now ready to be processed further into all the varieties of CéDé® egg food.


This egg grain makes the CéDé® egg food unique and sole in its type.  The birds can “tell” you why!

The CéDé® egg grain is stored in silos, just like the other ingredients such as seeds, vitamins, minerals, etc.  The dosing of these ingredients from the silos, the mixing and packaging of the CéDé® egg food are characterised by a high degree of automation.

A constant quality of the CéDé products is thereby attained without a human hand ever coming into contact with the product.  The varieties of CéDé® food are packaged exclusively in the original 1-kg and 5-pack (5 x 1 kg) packaging.  The airtight foil bag guarantees the quality of the vitamins up to one year after the production date.


The CéDé products are prepared for shipment when ordered and are dispatched to more than 40 countries by road, ocean or air freight.